Bell 47J

Bell 47J Ranger

The Bell 47J Ranger was proposed in 1956, it was a four-seat utility version of the Model 47G. The Bell 47J was powered by a 220 hp derated Lycoming VO-435. The enclosed cabin had accommodation for the pilot seated centrally in front and three passengers on a cross bench aft. This bench could be removed to allow the installation of two stretchers. The port door could also be removed to permit the use of an internal electrically-powered hoist for rescue missions. Alternative skid or pontoon landing gear could be fitted and metal rotor blades were optional permitting a loaded weight of 2,850 lb. Larger capacity fuel tanks (48 US gal) could also be installed providing an extended range of 250 miles. This model was also built under licence by Agusta with 152 aircraft built (Ag-5).

The Bell 47J-1 was sub-variant and it was basically similar to the Model 47J but was powered by a Lycoming VO-435A.

The Bell 47J-2 and J-2A Ranger was introduced in 1960, this sub-variant was similar to Model 47J but had a 305 hp (derated to 240hp) Lycoming VO-540-B1B, metal rotor blades, hydraulic power controls and a gross weight of 2,850 lb. The Model 47J-2A of 1964 was produced in Italy by Agusta.

Agusta-Bell 47

The Model 47J-3 Super Ranger was produced only by Agusta, and it was powered by a Lycoming VO-540 derated to 260 hp. It differed from the standard J-2A in having a modified main transmission able to absorb greater power input. A special ASW version was designed for the Italian Navy with new instrumentation, high efficiency rotor brake and armed with a single Mk.44 torpedo.

The Model 47J-3B-1 was sub-variant produced also only by Agusta, it was a high altitude version powered by a 270 hp Lycoming TVO-435-B1A and equipped with an exhaust-driven supercharger which maintained sea level conditions up to 14,000 ft. This model also had a high-inertia rotor and servo-control on the pitch control systems. In all, Agusta produced 123 Model 47J-2IJ-3s.

Bell 47J Specification

  • Rotor diameter 37 ft 1 in (11.32 m)
  • Fuselage length 32 ft 4 in (9.87 m)
  • Overall height 9 ft 3 in (2.83 m)
  • Empty weight 1,863 lb (845 kg)
  • Maximum take-off weight 2,950 lb (1,340 kg)
  • Maximum speed 105 mph (169 km/h)
  • Cruising speed at 5,000 ft (1,525 m) 86 mph (138 km/h)
  • Initial rate of climb 905 ft/min (276 m/min)
  • Service ceiling 17,500 ft (5,340 m)
  • Hover ceiling in ground effect 16,500 ft (5,030 m)
  • Hover ceiling out of ground effect 12,200 ft (3,120 m)
  • Maximum range 210 miles (338 km)