M-74 Wasp and M-79T Hornet

M-74 Wasp and M-79T Hornet

Texas Helicopter Co, which was acquired in 1985 by Aerodyne Systems Engineering Ltd, has developed a single-seat agricultural conversion of the Bell Model 47, known as the M-74 Wasp and a tandem two-seater known as the M-79T Hornet. The prototype of the latter (registered N1001X) received FAA certification on 25 April, 1985. This variant has also been proposed as an armed trainer for AH-64 Apache crews. In both Wasp and Hornet, the fuselage had been redesigned and the Allison 250-C20B engine repositioned. Maximum take-off weight of the Hornet is 3,200 lb. In 1989, some thirty-five Wasps and Hornets were on the US civil register.

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