Cobra Armament

AH-1F Cobra Armament Systems

The AH-1 F Modernized Cobra’s advanced armament and fire control system makes it one of the most formidable attack helicopters in the world. The aircraft’s armament subsystems are interfaced with one another and provide a high degree of attack versatility. Principal components include:

  • Universal Turret Subsystem (UTS)
  • Helmet Sight Subsystem (HSS)
  • TOW Missile Subsystem (TMS)
  • Rocket Management Subsystem (RMS)
  • Fire Control Computer (FCC)
  • Air Data Subsystem (ADS)
  • Laser Rangefinder (LRF)
  • Head-Up Display System (HUD)
  • Airborne Laser Tracker (ALT)

Although some subsystems have been outlined previously, the following is a functional description of The AH-1F’s integrated armament system.

Universal Turret Subsystem

(UTS)—The G.E. turret system provides for positioning, sighting, ammunition feeding, and firing of the M197 20mm gun. The system consists of a turret assembly, turret control unit, logic control unit, pressure transducer, ammunition feed system with boost assembly, gun control unit, recoil assembly, slider assembly, and gun drive assembly. The turret is operated by 28 vdc and 115 vac, 400 hertz power provided by the aircraft’s electrical system. It can be fired in the fixed (stowed forward) or flexible mode by the pilot through the helmet sighting subsystem, or in the flexible mode by the gunner using the helmet sight or telescopic sighting unit.

Turret travel is 220