Alligator Helicopter

Alligator was Born

No sooner had the basic single-seat Ka-50 Werewolf army attack helicopter entered production than the Kamov OKB set about refining it. The first spinoff — the Kamov Alligator Ka-52 — appeared in 1996, followed in 1997 by the Ka-50N Nochnoy.

The Ka-52 Alligator two-seat army attack helicopter was unveiled on November 19, 1996. First reports of the new version were circulated in September 1994 at the Farnborough airshow. A year later, in August 1995, a full-scale mockup of the Ka-52 was displayed at the Moscow Air Show (MAKS-95) in Zhukovsky. The idea behind the Ka-52 dated back to the mid-80s: an early version of the V-80 project had a tandem two-seat layout. However, this idea was abandoned before construction of the first prototype began; the sin

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