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Ka-126 helicopter designed by Sergei Mikheyev

The Kamov Ka-126 is Russian light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors, and it was designed by general Kamov helicopter designer Sergei Mikheyev. The co-axial twin-rotor helicopter Ka-126 have a 2.5t gross weight and a it useful load. An improved removable cabin section enable the Soviet helicopter to seat 6 passenger. It is supposed to use the detachable mission-specific payload module with the commonised set of electro-optical, infrared and radio-frequency wavebands, relay hear or cargo transport devices.

Following discussions begun at last year’s HAI convention, Kamov has chosen Allison engines to power a new twin-turbine version of the Ka-126 utility helicopter. Two 310kW (420shp) Allison 250-C20Bs will replace the single Soviet-built 540kW (720shp) Omsk TV-0-100 turboshaft in the Ka-126, which will remain in production in Romania, says Kamov general designer Sergei Mikheyev.

The construction of Kamov Ka-26 and Ka-126 number has seven digits; the first two are the year of production, the next three are the batch number and the last two digits represent the number in the batch. The construction number can normally be found painted on the door-runner, above the door, on the left hand side. Construction number plates have been found under the left hand cabin door in several cases.

Kamov Ka-126T light multipurpose helicopter became one of the main favourites in Indian and Chinese tender for replacing old helicopters in the Indian Army Aviation’s and Air Force’s inventories.

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Name: Kamov Ka-126 (develop. Ka-26)
Role: Utility Helicopter
First Flight: 1988. Introduction: 1989.
Primary User: Gazpromavia
Service: In Service
Crew: 2 (pilots)
Capacity: 6
Length: 7.75 m (25 ft 5 in) Rotor Diameter: 13.00 m (42 ft 8 in)
Height: 4.15 m (13 ft 7½ in) Weight: 1,950 kg (4,300 lb)
Loaded Weight: 2,500 kg (6,400 lb) Max. Weight: 3,250 kg (7,170 lb)
Powerplant: 1 x Omsk TVO-100 Power: 530 kW (720 hp)
Max. Speed: 170 km/h (91 knots, 105 mph) Range: 400 km (215 nmi, 248 mi)
Rate Of Climb: 5.4 m/s (1,050 ft/min) Service Ceiling: 3,500 m (11,480 ft)
Number Built: 17
Unit Cost: 1.150.000 USD

Kamov Ka-226 Video

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